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To Define is to Deliver

We have been building 'Cloud' based, mission critical, business applications since 2000. Our Motto "to define is to deliver" is based on the idea that the most important thing is a clear definition of what is required, from that we have made delivery simply follow.

We are web engineers, business systems builders and brand builders who create business systems and functionally rich websites to fulfill your internet dreams.

From rich and functionally complex web applications through to content management systems and simple clean websites, we build them all at cost effective prices and predictable delivery times.

We're based in Devon and work across the globe, no project is too big or too small.


If you have an internet idea and we build it for you, the 'backend systems' (the 'engine' of your system) need to start small - ie, at the beginning you have a few users, then, assuming success, millions of users, you need to build the system so it can be expanded to match.
That is scalability, we do scalability.

Websites - some of our work

Web Apps

Artery has been responsible for the core design and construction of the following substantial industry changing systems:

Bubble Innovator - the New Product Development tool used by Johnson&Johnson around the world (and a number of other world class enterprises), here is the company Artery did this for; here are the reviews it has received;

8.9/10 score. One of the 10/10 reviews said "It is the source of truth for projects in our stage gate review process"

Thrive - Artery interviewed and modelled the methods and data employed by four child psychologists, and turned this into a tool for the assessment of children with potential stumbling blocks in their development. Designed to help teachers form empathy with their children and guide them towards strategies of care. So far approx 250k children have been tested and the teacher reaction is extremely positive;

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